The Commons Thonglor Introduces ‘All Kinds’ to Support Kind, Local Entrepreneurs

A new gathering ground emerges in Thonglor for brands that aim to help the community

We all know that the Earth is slowly dying before our eyes in many ways. Hopefully, our awareness of the fact has led to making small changes in our lives to help ease the issue. On the other side of the coin, more and more businesses, too, are reassessing their products, services, and processes against what they stand for or should be standing for. The Commons is one such business. 

With the intention to support other local businesses advocating for the betterment of the environment, communities, and public well-being, The Commons has launched a multi-brand retail space known as 'all kinds'. Located on the 1st floor of the Village at The Commons Thonglor, all kinds is where visitors can browse for sustainable, fairly traded, and otherwise kind products.

All kinds features over 20 brands on a three-month rotation with different themes. Until July 31, the theme of “All Around” is centred on a collection of brands that are kind to the environment. With the focus placed on sustainable and transparent production processes, customers can feel good about their purchases and about supporting brands that are passionate about making the planet a better place.

After All Around, it’s “All Within” (August–October), which focuses on mental well-being and making yourself a priority with products promoting self-care and inner healing. Then, it’s “All of Us” (November–February), featuring brands that advocate for diversity and inclusivity.

If this "All" sounds good to you, pay a visit to the pop-up space at The Commons Thonglor. 

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