Bangkok Ranks Second Best Digital Nomad City

The City of Angels seemingly fits all of the criteria for a digital nomad

Bangkok has just been named the second best city in the world to work as a digital nomad. If you’re unclear on digital nomads, they move from city to city, usually staying three to nine months at each, working out of coffee shops or from the beaches or mountains—you name it.  

A study done by a UK-based flexible working solutions provider called The Instant Group found that over half of the 60 cities in the world best-suited for digital nomads are in Asia. The five factors considered for the rankings were affordability, weather, broadband speed, scenery, and transport.

Bangkok scored well in all factors but what made Bangkok stand out was also its local cuisine—and who can argue with that? Other Asian cities on the list include Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The only city to beat Bangkok is Lisbon, Portugal.

Here are the top ten ‘Best Digital Nomad’ cities of 2022: 

  1. Lisbon, Portugal 

  2. Bangkok, Thailand

  3. Thessaloniki, Greece

  4. Dallas, USA

  5. San Antonio, USA

  6. Seville, Spain

  7. Seoul, South Korea

  8. Sydney, Australia

  9. Athens, Greece

  10. Budapest, Hungary 

The Instant Group estimates that there are now roughly 35 million digital nomads around the world and that the amount could surge to over a billion by 2035. This is a sign for cities and companies to adopt more flexibility for remote workers in the future.

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