Burapha University gets rid of Gender Prefixes

A bold and exciting move that undoubtedly furthers gender equality

The Burapha University Student Council has announced on their social media platforms that they will stop using gender prefixes in all their documents and communications.

Many feel that changing gender prefixes contributes toward inclusivity. That is why many organisations around the world are starting to make adjustments concerning prefixes. Some propose using a gender-neutral pronoun, such as Mx., while others just take them out entirely, which is what the student council of Burapha University is doing. This decision took the internet by storm and a lot of people by surprise in the most positive way possible.

“Eliminating the use of prefixes is an important issue, as it recognises the equality of genders and rights of the individuals working with the council," the statement says, “We are ready to be an example to other organisations in the university, and we will also make efforts to make this policy be issued in other areas in order to support gender equality.”

Prior to this statement, Burapha University, located in Chonburi province, already had a few policies in place to recognise students’ individualities. In fact, students are not required to wear uniforms or graduation gowns based on their biological sex. We can only hope other institutions see the importance of this issue as well.