Sip on some 'ecoCOCKTAILS' at Rosewood Bangkok

Climate-friendly drinks high above the city

Lennon's, a contemporary speakeasy bar at the Rosewood Bangkok, is taking a zero-waste approach to cocktail making with their new ecoCOCKTAILS menu, in collaboration with ecoSPIRITS—the world's first closed-loop spirits supply system aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of premium spirits by 80% and eliminate single-use glass bottles.

The specially curated sustainable cocktail menu is created by Lennon’s bar manager Giuseppe Carneli and assistant manager Andrea Paleari. The duo does not disappoint with four new climate-conscious drinks: ecoMALI, ecoKOKO, ecoSOM, and ecoSOON.

Refresh with the refreshing citrusy ecoSOM comprising Wedges gin, Kosapan Orange Botanicals, mango honey, and lemon. If you have a sweet tooth, the ecoKOKO is a must try: passionfruit, Kosapan Cacao Botanicals, Sea's Coffee and Passionfruit Kombucha, finished with Plantation Original dark rum. The floral ecoMALI, with Tried and True vodka, Kosapan Jasmine Botanicals, and Re-Carbonated Champagne is also not to be missed.

In the mood for a non-alcoholic drink? Enjoy their ecoSOON (soon is the Thai word for “zero”). This non-alcoholic cocktail is made with alcohol-free gin, vermouth, and bitters. The best part of this drink is that it makes use of leftover ingredients that are regularly unused in bars.

The bar itself is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, and their initiatives stretch beyond drinks—their ecoCOCKTAILS menu itself is printed on compostable paper and can even be taken home to plant in soil, to create zero waste new life.

Be sure to make a reservation at Lennon's bar and try their ecoCOCKTAILS menu as you overlook Bangkok skyline. 

Rosewood Bangkok, 1041, 38 Phloen Chit Road
Open Tuesday–Saturday 6pmmidnight, 02 080 0030