'Face2Face Thailand' Returns to Break the Stigma on Plastic Surgery

After a two-week interruption, the new makeover reality show is now back on its regular schedule on Channel 3

Being the first of its kind on Thai television, Face2Face Thailand is described as a “reality makeover” show that is centred around beauty and plastic surgery. With actor and Kantana Group’s vice president Piyarat Kaljareuk, as well as V Design Clinic founder Natcha Kitjariyaphum as hosts, the show approaches some of Thailand's biggest celebrities and superstars, including Chakrit Yamnam and Khemanit Jamikorn, to discuss their beauty regimens. Along with the hosts, a team of doctors and medical professionals are present to provide safety precautions and information accuracy to viewers.

Whether you're a fan of reality TV or celebrity culture, what's remarkable about the programme is how everyone involved is openly talking about plastic surgery without feeling the need to hide or beat around the bush. Even with Thailand's booming and ubiquitous beauty business⁠—beauty clinics are about as common as 7-Eleven here—there is still very much a stigma in the society that views “unnatural beauty” in negative light. Such stigma is confirmed by Piyarat himself, as he posted on Instagram that the programme was to be taken off the air from March 5 onwards due to plastic surgery being shown on national television.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the show to get back on air. As a result of collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health to ensure information accuracy surrounding medical procedures, Piyarat updated on Instagram that Face2Face would be returning on March 19, teasing snippets of future episodes full of gossip, as well as informative viewpoints on the topic of beauty. 

“Self-care has become such a trend in recent years, and it’s not just about physical health—people want to look good and feel good at the same time,” says Piyarat. “As a content creator, there has not been any media programmes that play off that idea while being fun, inspirational, yet informative.”

It should also be noted that while Face2Face highlights plastic surgery, it is not something they are persuading you to do if you don’t want to or have doubts about. Instead, the show emphasises that self-care includes a wide range of ideas: from diet to fitness, fashion and beauty products. Viewers will be able to get the tips and tricks of all those topics from some of their favourite celebrities through the show.

“This show is for the people working for the health and beauty industry in country,” proclaims Piyarat. "It's not uncommon to see people going overseas to get their procedures done, but I can confidently say that the professionals and innovative equipment we have here are among the best in the world. We don't need to go far to get the job well done."

You can follow Piyarat and Natcha's exploration of beauty on Face2Face Thailand, Saturdays at 5:15pm, on Channel 3.