Off the Grid: Space-Inspired Glamping Pods in Antarctica

As futuristic as it is luxurious, Echo is a once-in-lifetime adventure of ice, snow, and penguins

Over the years, off the grid destinations have been gaining popularity—and standard hotel rooms just won’t cut it anymore. If you’ve been obsessed with penguins and the South Pole, like Sam from Atypical, these futuristic glamping pods should definitely be on your bucket list.

Inspired by space tourism, travel company White Desert will be launching a stylish eco-camp called Echo in November 2022. The only luxury camp in Antarctica, Echo will feature six cutting-edge sleeping domes with state-of-the-art solar heating. Crafted from composite fiberglass, each bedroom pod is designed for two guests, with interiors that feature retro space-age detailing and fancy furnishings. Complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, each pod offers a dramatic landscape of icy plains right from the comfort of your bed. 

There’s also a communal living area where guests will have access to a central lounge, dining room, and heated shower pods. Most importantly, these domes were designed to be dismantled, leaving no trace when the camping season comes to an end.

Featured in each ‘sky pod’ are original photos taken from the International Space Station (ISS) by former Commander, White Desert guest, and retired astronaut Colonel Terry Virts. During your stay, you can select from plenty of tailor-made itineraries offering a range of activities and highlights from ice climbing to arctic truck safaris. But best of all, visit the magnificent penguin colony that takes you into the heart of Antarctica.

Sadly, you’ve got to be rich, and I mean crazy rich, in order to be able to experience all this. Prices start at US$65,000 (two million baht) for a six-day camping experience which includes flights from Cape Town to Antarctica, accommodation, food and beverages, and activities around camp. Might as well strike it from the bucket list and drop it into the inspo list instead. 

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