New Tech From Google to Look Forward to

Eric E. Surbano

19 May 2022

From upgraded phones to real-time subtitles

Google held a keynote event last week where they unveiled a number of things that are set to be released in the next few weeks and some promising tech they’ve been developing that could be part of our everyday lives very soon. You can watch the entire keynote below, but if you just want the gist, we've broken down the highlights for you. 



Scene Exploration and Translate with AR Glasses

Arguably, two of the most impressive things that came out of the keynote was the Scene Exploration for Google search and the AR Glasses. With Scene Exploration, you can simply use Google Lens, look around, and you’ll see information regarding your surroundings. The demo in the presentation showed this feature off in the context of a grocery aisle where you’re trying to figure out which chocolate to buy. It will definitely be a godsend for those who get lost in the supermarket regularly once it’s available. 

The next demo, which is a technology that is still being developed, is the AR Glasses that allow users to use Google Translate transcription in real-time. It’s basically subtitles for the real world. The video during the keynote showed the tech being used in Chinese, Spanish, and even American Sign Language. Though still in development, the AR Glasses is a promising piece of tech that could be available in the next few years. 



Brand new devices

Google revealed a slate of new tech toys that would make every Android fan’s dream. Three new Pixels were unveiled: the Pixel 6A, the Pixel 7, and the Pixel 7 Pro. A new Pixel Watch was also announced, as well as the brand new Pixel Buds Pro, which now comes with noise cancellation and will be updated with spatial audio down the road. We were also given a sneak peek into the new Pixel Tablet, which is set to be released in 2023. Sadly, Google doesn’t officially sell these products here in Thailand so you’d have to seek out a reseller—or perhaps we can all flood Google’s inbox with requests to open up an official store here. 



Look and Talk

AI assistants are now commonplace, but Google has made a small yet notable improvement to the Google Assistant. On the Nest Hub Max, users can simply look at the device and talk to trigger the Google Assistant without having to say “Hey, Google”.  The presentation also included a humorous part where the presenter showed off the Assistant’s ability to understand her despite taking a long pause and not knowing the full name of the artist of the song she wants to play, showcasing that you can speak naturally complete with pauses and stammers and the Assistant will understand. 



Customizable ads and privacy requests

Ads are annoying, and though doing away with them completely may not be possible, Google is at least now giving you control of which ads you’ll see. In a separate app called Ad Center, you will be able to choose which ads and brands to see more of and which ones you’re not interested in. 

Meanwhile, on the privacy side of things, Google announced that they were launching a feature called “Removal Requests”. If a Google search comes up with your contact details, you can submit a request for it to be taken down. How long it will take for the request to be approved and for action to be taken—now that’s another thing entirely.