Muji Launches New Weather-Adapted Collection

Sustainable, accessible wear made to Japanese standards for a Thai climate? Yes please

Muji has launched a new ready-to-wear-collection specifically for this part of the world. The Muji New Collection features pieces adapted to local weather, and a wide range of designs to better meet the lifestyle of Thai customers.

The brand doesn’t forget its roots, retaining their renowned Japanese quality and affordable prices while keeping sustainability in mind. Every item is made from environmentally-friendly fibers, including menswear and ladieswear, the Muji Walker range of UV-resistant fast-drying clothing, and Homewear line of casuals. Launched alongside the Autumn/Winter collection 2022, the Muji New Collection is available at every Muji Store.

The brand is planning to expand its customer base, following the concept of clothing that anyone can wear comfortably any day, according to Akihiro Kamogari, Managing Director of Muji Retail (Thailand). “We have revamped the designs to better match weather, culture and trends at the regional level. For instance, shorts have been made shorter.”

To meet the needs of Thai customers, the clothes have been improved to cope with the local climate, and the designs have been tweaked to be more formal, with the texture of the cloth itself promoting formality. The main fabrics used are organic cotton and Lyocell, which is a new alternative for sustainability that is made from high-technology Eucalyptus pulp. Not only is it environmentally friendly, its texture is also smooth, durable, and has an overall comfy wear that is suitable for a warm climate. 

To create online awareness, the brand launched the collection with the help of famous influencers and Youtubers. The brand is planning to integrate marketing tools on every platform to expand awareness of Muji’s clothing products into new target segments.

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