Podcasts for the Grown-Up Kid in You: 7 Podcasts to Lighten the Load

Sit back, relax, press play, and listen to these podcasts that will guide you through insightful adulting adventures with a sprinkle of humour

However, adulthood also comes with challenges, like taking responsibility for yourself, becoming financially independent, and making important decisions. But apart from this, keeping emotions in check as you go through everyday life is just as important. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of podcasts where hosts share personal stories, advice, life tips, relationships, and more.



Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Recorded from the comfort of her bed, exactly like the name suggests, “Anything Goes” is US internet sensation Emma Chamberlain’s platform for talking about whatever is on her mind, and clearly, she has a huge audience. Sometimes she offers advice, sometimes her opinion on a topic, sometimes philosophy, or a random story from 10 years ago. Fans love Emma’s relatability and how she stands out from the social media image of perfection. 



Small Doses with Amanda Seales

A weekly podcast that brings you everyday truths, Amanda Seales is dropping gems with “Small Doses” where she shares all her unfiltered opinions, fact-based insights, and hilariously real point of views. Whether it's about current events or pop culture topics, audiences will get a full dose that taps into Amanda’s mind in each episode.



Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty

Occasionally joined by guests in her personal or professional life to keep things interesting, “Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty” dives into topics about life, relationships, current favourites, but mostly keeping positive thoughts in the air.



On My Mind with Ava Jules

Are you searching for a podcast that’s all about adulting in your 20s? Ava has a ton of insight to share—from dealing with anxiety, morning routines, letting go of fear, insomnia,  finding yourself, and plenty more.



Late Night Drive with Ellie & Michaela

All about navigating adulthood, hosts Ellie and Michaela are pulling up as your drivers to breakdown from the funniest facts throughout history to the newest and oldest psychological studies. With humour and sensitivity, the two are inviting audiences into the passenger seat as they drive and take you through the best and worst of adult life.



Slay Girl Slay

A podcast to inspire, empower, and motivate women of colour, “Slay Girl Slay” is hosted by Ashley Leggs. Running less than 30 minutes per episode on average, she encourages everyone to be their true selves and to go after their dreams.



Moments with Lexi Hidalgo

Would you like to feel understood? Host Lexi Hidalgo will make you feel like someone is actually listening to you as she dives deep into all our uncontrollable thoughts and unexplainable emotions. “Moments” is a podcast for audiences to feel they’re not alone and to feel okay with being exactly where you are.