Podcasts: Made in Thailand

If Thai language is your jam, these are some of Thai podcasts on Spotify

Are podcasts your go to when you need to listen in on a good discussion? If yes, you’ve stumbled upon the right page. Podcasts can perform so many functions: they can educate, entertain, inform, or inspire. It’s a broad list. So we’ve picked nine podcasts that do all of that, but which are specifically Made in Thailand. So please note, all the podcasts featured record their conversations in Thai.



Life Cry Sis

Life Cry Sis is a great choice if you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on. Hosted by writer Waritha ‘Baitoey’ Saejia and psychotherapist Ruangrin ‘Mafuang’ Aksharanugraha, the two hope to provide a safe space for those who are dealing with life issues, or just have anything on their mind. Just like ranting your troubles to a sister, both share experiences and opinions on pop culture, entertainment, social and cultural issues, and mental health.



The Secret Sauce

Covering topics on entrepreneurship, management, and leadership, The Secret Sauce serves listeners useful insights on how to achieve success in business. Exploring financial and historical events, and dissecting how they’re relevant to one another, The Standard’s editor-in-chief and host Nakarin ‘Ken’ Wanakijpaiboon uncovers all of Thailand’s money secrets.



I Hate My Job

Hosted by writers Toffee Bradshaw and Chainut ‘Bong Tao’ Sujjaporamest, this one is dedicated to all nine to fivers out there. Their aim is to tackle all kinds of problems within the workplace: bosses, co-workers, salaries, or whatever drama goes down at every office. Offering solutions and suggestions to listeners, this podcast is great for fresh grads who are looking for jobs or preparing for interviews. 




Solely dedicated to mental health and awareness, R U OK helps listeners navigate whether their habits are normal or might be cause for seeking professional help. Hosted by psychotherapist Dujdao Vadhanapakorn and Bon Jakobsen, the duo put these crucial conversations in the spotlight.



Talk Therapy

Hosted by Nathamon ‘Ice’ Huajai and Anchitha ‘Gee’ Lormthumpinit, this podcast mainly deals with the problems and issues that Gen Z face. As listeners gain different perspectives from the two hosts, they cover topics on hardships while also questioning social norms and expectations.




Bookworms should not miss this one. Recording under the belief that “Reading is sexy”, Readery selects some of the most interesting books and shares them with listeners—cutting them down into parts and explaining why each is a good read and for whom they’re best suited. Hosts Natthakorn ‘Net’ Parachai and Jo Waranpin believe that books can truly impact or change one’s life.



Money Armageddon

Supported by the Deposit Protection Agency (DPU), hosts Jittragorn ‘Pun Ngern’ Saengwisut and Yos Bunpong aim to educate audiences and give them a deep dive on topics such as the history of recent financial crises. Discussing issues on world inflation and the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war, the hosts offer suggestions on how to protect your wealth. 



Survival Trip

Travel can be one of the best ways to reward one with happiness, however, Survival Trip shares the dark side of travel. With every episode, host Tom Jakkrit (AKA Kru Tom) invites guest speakers to share past travel experiences and how they dealt with it. If travel is your religion, this one will certainly offer some useful insight.



Adult หรือ Young

This podcast focuses on issues that aren’t taught in the classroom. Hosts are freelance writer Panumas ‘Toey’ Thongthanagul and freelance director Sirada ‘Prang’ Tritruengtassana, Adult หรือ Young covers an array of topics, from cryptocurrency, to investment, retirement and adulthood, and even death. With a huge age gap between the two hosts, audiences will gain a lot of insight from their contrasting points of view.