Quinn’s ‘Urban Harmony’ 2023 Spring Collection ensures elegance with comfort

Bea Sweeney

13 Jan 2023

The new collection is the answer to the all-too-familiar “what am I going to wear?”

Casual meets elegance in Quinn’s spring 2023 ‘Urban Harmony’ collection, a new line that appeals to all women looking for a cheat code to work-life balance, trying to shake off the workaholic mindset and find time for themselves.

An easy escape from the endless cycle is to simply glam up, go out, and show off the best versions of ourselves. All it takes is the right fit, something that won’t sacrifice comfort or elegance. It can feel like a grueling task. But this is what makes Quinn’s spring 2023 collection all the more enticing—a line that lets you step straight from urban-casual to elegant and sophisticated.

Quinn has turned the latest fashion trends into a new culture of comfort wear inspired by the lifestyles of urban, city-dwelling women who desire style in every moment. The Urban Harmony collection boasts a variety of dresses deconstructed into soft but graceful designs. Long sleeve slip-dresses and wide-sleeved draped dresses bring a soft touch to any dress-up occasion; tight-fitting tops, hoodies, and shorts pair for the perfect gym chic fit; simple, staple accessories complete every look.

If you need a bag with space to carry your daily items, the colourful canvas bag with a bamboo handle and logo embossing is the perfect mix. Or, if you’re craving a late night out and a couple of drinks with your girlfriends, Quinn’s compact bucket bag is perfectly iconic. Other designs include their crossbody bag and woven bag with green logo embossing.

I can happily say that I’ll be jumping onto their website as soon as their Spring collection is released. Not every clothing brand can appeal to such a range of occasions, but Quinn will save me hours with my head in the closet trying to find the right outfit for dinner.

Shop Quinn at iamquinn.com.