Raise Awareness and Make an Impact with ‘Run the Future’

Do a run or pledge to go plant-based for a number of days at Root The Future’s latest event

Root The Future is hosting a 50km ultramarathon on July 30 with an aim to raise awareness of the connection between food and climate change. The media platform founded by Max and Joanna Hellier has long been advocating sustainability and veganism in Bangkok, and the upcoming run is another example of that. 

Anyone can join: you can choose the distance you want to run, from 5km to 50km, or you can sponsor the marathon with a pledge by eating a plant-based diet from 10 days all the way up to 50 days in a bid to raise awareness of climate change. The campaign currently has a total of 2,210 days pledged. If you don’t know where to start on your plant-based journey, RTF has partnered with Thailand’s “Challenge22” to provide you with recipes, tips, and lots of encouragement. Runners can also buy a Run The Future tank top made from recycled plastic bottles, which can be bought from their website at rootthefuture.com.

Root The Future stated, “We will run as a form of passive activism, to show how much of an impact our diets can have on the planet. We will run to show positive solutions to battle climate change. We will run—with a purpose, with a mission. We will run for our future.”

Eating a plant-based diet could be the single best way to reduce your environmental impact on Earth according to a study by Oxford University. They found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce a person’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73%.

Run The Future takes place on July 30 at Nong Bon Lake Park. For further details, visit fb.com/rootthefuture. To make a pledge, visit rootthefuture.com.