Meet Siwilai’s 'Patent 002' Collection, Inspired by Classic Comics

The second annual collection of Siwilai’s in-house apparel line is here

Siwilai is celebrating Thai roots once again with Patent 002, made for retro comic book lovers. Much like its predecessor Patent 001, Patent 002 is all about love for classic Thai literature, inspiring a summer collection of limited edition womenswear, menswear, and accessories.

The collection mainly highlights the comical writings of the 1970s, giving an insight into Thai society during the era. These clever cultural commentaries were known for their distinctively proportioned characters outlined in deep black ink, filled with vibrant flat colors. 

The collection is inspired by the covers of these comic books, reinterpreted by Patent 002’s own imagination: A female protagonist and her male counterpart go on rides in classic cars and sail through outer space, all while accompanied with their furry feline companion. 

The highlights of the collection are the hand-drawn scenes that are featured front and center on unisex cotton tees and crewneck sweaters. The button-down shirts and strappy summer dress feature unique hand-embroidered characters of a girl, boy, and cat.

The Siwilai Bangkok logo has been reworked into a bold repeating pattern, which is applied to bowling shirts, mini skirts, a poplin shirtdress, matching pajamas, bicycle shorts, and a sporty anorak-style windbreaker.

The “Summer in Siam” unisex denim jacket is undeniably the statement piece of the collection. Hand-cut and hand-sewn, its graphic lettering lays atop a contrasting title ribbon. The collection also features bucket hats and roomy tote bags.

Patent 002 is available at Siwilai store or shop online at