Netflix Greenlights Reality Show ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’

The Frontman is in search for English-language speakers from any part of the world

Netflix is bringing Squid Game to life—for real. The streaming platform is calling the reality TV series Squid Game: The Challenge.

456 contestants will be pitted against each other in a series of games inspired by the wildly popular show. Up for grabs is a $4.56 million reward, or nearly 160 million baht—the largest cash prize in reality TV history. With 10 episodes in total, it will feature games from the original series, as well as some surprising new additions. Competitors will be eliminated, but don’t worry, they won’t be shot dead. With a fortune up for grabs, who will be an ally, who will you trust, and who will you betray in this ultimate test of character? “The stakes are high, but in this game the worst fate is going home empty-handed,” the company said.

Set to be filmed in the UK, the reality show is a co-production between Studio Lambert (The Circle) and The Garden (24 Hours in A&E), part of British Television Company ITV Studios. Serving as executive producers will be Stephen Lambert, Tim Harcourt, and Toni Ireland from Studio Lambert, and John Hay, Nicola Hill, and Nicola Brown from The Garden.

The streaming platform is currently facing hardships from the impact of rising inflation, but this new upcoming reality show could be a way for Netflix to bring more users to the platform. Netflix has officially opened casting for the show, and recruitment is open for English-language speakers around the world.

You’ve seen the drama, now it’s your chance to take part in Netflix’s biggest ever social experiment.

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