River City Bangkok on Making Art Accessible

Koktail & River City Bangkok

The senior marketing and exhibition manager discusses River City Bangkok’s goals to serve a wide audience of art lovers

Hero image: UOY MA I exhibition in collaboration with Trendy Gallery

Keith Haring famously said that “Art is for everybody,”—a concept senior marketing and exhibition manager Toby Lu takes to heart as he plans River City Bangkok’s events and exhibitions. “Art is not a luxury product that most people cannot reach,” says Lu. “We want to make art tangible and accessible to everyone, especially in Thai society.” 

This is precisely why River City Bangkok has so much to offer in terms of its range of art; it's where you can go to see more familiar styles of art, such as paintings and sculptures, but also where you might catch something like the “From Monet to Kandinsky”, a revolutionary immersive digital art experience River City Bangkok brought in a couple of years ago that bridged the gap between the classics and modern culture. 

When Lu first moved to Thailand from Taiwan over six years ago, he initially felt that there weren’t as many galleries and dedicated spaces for viewing and appreciating art to match the caliber of Thailand's budding creativity. While working with River City Bangkok for the past several years, however, he has seen that change and a growing interest in art among the younger generation, not just university students, but teenagers as well. Subsequently, support of the arts from various organizations, both public and private, are increasing, helping to raise the industry altogether for the next generation. 

When asked what key events to keep a special eye out for in the remainder of the year, the exhibition manager excitedly mentions the works of Thai artist and illustrator Arut Tantasirin, known for his award-winning "Warbie Yama" character. The exhibition opens on November 25 at the contemporary art floor on second.

Following the success of last year’s RCB Portrait Prize, River City Bangkok is hosting the exhibition-cum-competition once again, one of the highlights of which is the People’s Choice Prize, where audiences get to award the accolade and a prize of 100,000 baht to the artist who has impacted them the most. The exhibition is on currently, and the People’s Choice Prize will be announced on the last day of exhibition, which is November 13.

As for the RCB Auctions, antique auctions have long been a part of the River City Bangkok identity and heritage and continue to be held every month on the 4th floor as well as through online channels. Collectors mustn’t miss the international antique fair at the end of the year, “Cabinet of Curiosity”, which will take place from December 1 to 10, 2022 at the RCB Artery on the first floor. 

To keep up with the events and exhibitions of River City Bangkok, log on to rivercitybangkok.com.