Thailand’s First Wellness-Focused Residential Community To Launch In 2023

A sneak preview of Tri Vananda, a multigenerational living community in Phuket, before its official debut

The name Tri Vananda comes from a Sanskrit word that means “forest of lasting happiness”, and this is the vision Tri Vananda Phuket has for its dwellers. Nestled in 235 acres of lush greenery, just a short drive from Phuket’s airport, this new purpose-built residential community blends luxurious living with world-class wellness in a highly sustainable and eco-sensitive community. 

Months ago, we got the special opportunity to visit and learn firsthand about the futuristic, eco-friendly project ahead of its 2023 launch date. Here’s what you should know about Tri Vananda.

The project comes to us from Montara Hospitality Group, the Bangkok-based developer behind award-winning luxury resort Trisara and its Michelin-starred restaurant, PRU. To create Tri Vananda,  Montara gathered a collective of acclaimed architects, designers, and national artists, as well as UNESCO-recognized environmental architects, to make the vision for a luxuriously sustainable community a reality. Natural materials, renewable energy and low-carbon solutions are embraced throughout the project, which offers future homeowners the choice between one- to four-bedroom private pool villa units. Each of the villas is designed to blend seamlessly into their serene natural surroundings whilst being blessed with a contemporary interior design style that highlights organic materials as well as state-of-the-art amenities. 

Uniquely, the resort will be equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance, for instance, its residents’ sleep quality and physical wellbeing. Such innovations include circadian lighting, acoustic insulation, aromatherapy and air quality monitoring. In terms of lifestyle facilities, Tri Vananda has enough to ensure you won’t feel deprived if you have to be in lockdown for a while on the estate. There’s a private restaurant, bar, lounge, spa, and fitness centre with an Olympic standard swimming pool for residents, all surrounded by nature, of course.

As for the community’s food and water supply, they all come from within the property. Tri Vananda’s botanical gardens collect, clean, and store water for the complex as well as neighboring communities. Meanwhile, organic ingredients for the restaurant and other facilities where food can be ordered and served, such as the spas and various relaxation areas, are sourced from a farm right on the complex.

If you’re interested in touring or purchasing units of Tri Vananda, you can book a private viewing or learn more at