Koktail TV Guide: What to Watch in June

Eric E. Surbano

01 Jun 2022

Our picks for what to watch this month

From brand new seasons of well-watched series to classic Rowan Atkinson and experimental improv, June has plenty to watch and binge on popular streaming apps. Here are Koktail's picks. 



My Son

Premieres on June 4 on HBO GO

An estranged father receives a call from his ex-wife telling him that their seven-year-old has gone missing. As he joins the search, he makes some disturbing discoveries along the way. The film stars James McAvoy and Claire Foy, but the novelty of the movie is that McAvoy was never given a script—he improvised his whole performance.



Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Premieres on June 9 on HBO GO 

The late Anthony Bourdain was more than just a chef. He was also a storyteller who sought to shed light on the unique cuisines and cultures of other countries, making real connections with the people he encountered wherever he went. This documentary from director Morgan Neville explores how Bourdain went from cooking in the kitchen to being a globetrotter.



For All Mankind (Season 3)

Premieres on June 10 on Apple TV+

The race to the Moon is over. Everyone now has their sights set on another planet: Mars. However, it’s not just NASA and the Soviets who are gunning to be first. A private company has thrown their hat into the fray, and it seems that everyone is hell-bent on setting foot on the red planet—whatever the cost may be. 



Peaky Blinders (Season 6)

Premieres on June 10 on Netflix

The final season sees the Peaky Blinders at a breaking point. One of their family members has openly rebelled against them, their plans have gone disastrously wrong, and Tommy Shelby seems to be losing his grip on the family. Does this spell the end for them, or does Tommy have another ace up his sleeve? 



Cha Cha Real Smooth

Premieres on June 17 on Apple TV+

Twenty-two-year-old Andrew returns from college not knowing what to do next. He takes a job as a professional “party starter” at bat mitzvahs, and that’s where he meets Domino and her reclusive daughter, Lola. As Andrew draws Lola out of her shell little by little, his feelings for Domino develop, and he starts to discover the life he actually wants—one that’s not his own. 



The Umbrella Academy (Season 3)

Premieres on June 22 on Netflix

Two apocalypses later, the siblings are finally back in the correct year—or are they? Upon arriving at their home, they’re greeted by the Sparrow Academy, which includes their now not-so-dead and more evil brother, Ben. In true Umbrella fashion, the siblings must now figure out how to fix the timeline and try not to blow the world up in the process. 



Westworld (Season 4)

Premieres on June 24 on HBO GO

With Dolores and Maeve now out roaming freely in the world, the reckoning of humans is just around the corner. Will they fail or will humans end up being decimated by the hosts? If you’re like me and you’re hoping this latest season will be less confusing than the others, don’t hold your breath.



Man vs Bee

Premieres on June 24 on Netflix

Master of physical comedy Rowan Atkinson returns in this movie with a simple premise: he’s a housesitter being terrorized by a bee. Simple? Ridiculous? Sure, but it’s more than enough for Rowan Atkinson to get us bawling with laughter.