Vickteerut Unveils 'The Moment After', Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Injecting futurism and androgyny into your everyday closet

If you are sick and tired of repeating the same smart casual combos, look to Vickteerut for something fresh and inventive for the everyday urban wear. Ever since its rebranding, the Thai designer  has been keeping things simple enough to mix and match with existing pieces in your wardrobe while simultaneously elevating the concept of everyday basics into something more youthful, modern and eye-catching elements.

As an extension of its spring/summer 2022 collection, Vickteerut's new pre-fall 2022 collection, called “The Moment After”, carries on the storyline of ‘Miss K’, an alluring robot living amongst earthlings. The overall design infuses delicate elements of femininity with masculine shapes and a hint of futurism. Each piece is brought to life by the designer, Aurapraphan “Pang” Sudhinaraset, who is inspired by the contrast of masculine and feminine energies. Blurring the lines between the gender binary, the collection plays with boxy silhouettes, chiffon pleats, and structured cuts, and the futurism aspect is also present in the use of metallic fabric with pastel colours. 

Stand-out looks include the metallic short-sleeved dress and the bodycon bustier dress paired with the pleated chiffon mini cape. For something more dressed down, the boxy ottoman shirt with the loose-fit utility pants hits the mark for practical yet stylish everyday wear.

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